The Flat White by Truth


Truth Coffee
For great views of Table Mountain and relaxed surroundings. Then there is the coffee. If you looking for a smooth and tasty flat white this is where I will be going for now. Next want to check out Truth HQ and taste their Americano. Now have that coffee and keep smiling.



So last night I saw this instant coffee at Pick n Pay and decided to give it a try. It’s probably the most expensive instant coffee I have bought up to now.Davidoff Cafe Bottle

Different packaging and for me different is always interesting and makes me want to find out more. For an instant coffee the granules have a lovely subtle fruity flavour which made me want to try and get the kettle to boil faster. 😀

The amateurcoffee result.Davidoff Cafe made

The Taste.
Davidoff Cafe for me is a medium roast coffee. The taste is mild but fragrant and gives nice after taste that makes you want to keep drinking. This is where you will see I am not coffee connoisseur, I am not able to tell you all the different kinds of tastes the coffee gives. This coffee for me in layman’s terms is a great tasting coffee not as strong/bold as NescafĂ© Alta Rica. Definitely something I would enjoy having after dinner or in late afternoon. If you looking for an after dinner coffee but without the punch of filter coffee I think this is a good one to choose. That’s my amateurcoffee point of view.